No matter how young or old, regardless of race, whether male or female, rich, poor, or somewhere in between...each of us wants to belong. In belonging, we all seek to fulfill two important needs in our lives, the need for security, and the need for significance. Each of us wants to feel secure in his or her relationships. We want to know that we are accepted and that we won't be rejected when we don't live up to another person's expectations, and don't we all want to know that if we were not around that we would be missed?

At Metro Christian Center, we want to introduce you to someone who said He would never leave you (That's real security!) and that as the Good Shepherd, He would leave the ninety-nine sheep in the fold to search for the one lamb that was lost (How could anyone be more significant?!). We are working to build a place where people of every race, age, gender and social status can find the love of Jesus Christ that opens the way for each of us to belong.

Metro Christian Center is a family. A family is a place where the members are loved and accepted by one another. It's a place where we are encouraged and lifted up when we fail, while at the same time we are held accountable for our lifestyles. Everyone needs a family... because that's where you belong.

Service Times

Adult Bible Study 9:30am
Teen Bible Study 9:30am
Worship Service 10:30am
Bible Study 6:30pm
Kids'Korner 6:30pm
Starting June 30th
Movie Night 6:30pm

Adult Bible Study 9:30am

Sunday School    9:30am

Worship Service 10:30am


Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30 pm

Kids'Korner 6:30pm



Men's Bible and Breakfast 8:00am

At "The Carousel Restaurant"


Metro Christian Center 
818 N. Boeke Ave. 
Evansville, IN 47711
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